Bl. Ceferino Namuncura

The feast of Bl. Ceferino Namuncura was coming; it was three years ago.

And we wanted to give the “Lily of the Pampas” a special tribute.

“We” refers of course to Br. Jomar (my partner in practical training) and I. We also asked Br. Jerome to provide us some help. He was then a brother studying philosophy in the nearby postnovitiate community. His technical skills in video editing, back then and even up to now, is unparalleled.

Then aspirant Angelo Badillo was asked to host the Salesian holiness segment.

We got the inspiration to showcase the life of Namuncura upon the prodding of Fr. Joe to make this young blessed a model among our aspirants and prenovices. After all, our context then was in the seminary.

Namuncura was of course an aspirant when he got terribly sick. He would have been a great Salesian if he went on…

But God had a better plan for him.

Here is the video on Namuncura:

I am re-posting this video to make his life known among our Bosconians in the Philippines since the relics of Namuncura (together with the other two Salesian blesseds: Vicuna and Marvelli) are making their visit in the country up until February 7.


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