48th World Communications Sunday

48th World Communications Sunday

In one long drive back to the Parish, one lay person seated beside me shared his thoughts about the Holy Father.

He thinks that Pope Francis did not just start issuing messages of understanding, mercy and compassion when he succeeded Benedict XVI; he believes that as a young priest, then Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio—and eventually as a cardinal—had already spoken of these in his own local context.

The difference lies in the reality that being the Pope, his messages—and especially his deeds—are deemed worthy of attention given his stature as a leader of 1.2 billion Catholics. In fact, he is not just a Church leader but head of the Vatican City State.

But more than his towering figure, he has captured the imagination of the people by showing the world the beauty of Christianity. For through the help of various means of social communications, he made it possible to bring home the point that it has become “easier for all of us to be neighbors.”


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