Christ chose to love–He is love!

Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which we construct our understanding of the whole, by just using a part of it. Here are some quick examples:

wheels” for a vehicle
ABCs” for the alphabet
headcount” to refer to people

Today, being the solemn feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we are asked by the Church to entrust ourselves to the Heart of Jesus. But one would ask, why of all His biological organs, should we single out His Heart? Why not His most sacred hands? Or His most sacred feet, or his most sacred fingers?


A HUMBLE PRAYER: Make me Jesus wholly thine/ Change this wayward heart of mine.                               Photo by Br. James Aro, SDB & Artwork by Br. Paul Dungca, SDB

In the Jewish context, the heart is believed to be the seat of the soul and the organ responsible for human thought. Hence, Luke waxed poetic when he said “And Mary treasured all these things in her heart” (2:19).

The reason of taking the Sacred Heart of our Savior as an object of our worship is not only because it is a part of His body, but because it symbolizes His love for all mankind. His heart symbolizes His great love for us.

In her vision, the 17th century visionary St. Mary Margaret Alacoque described the Heart of Jesus: It was heavily pierced and bleeding, yet there were flames, too, coming from it and a crown of thorns surrounding it.

At times, when we open our hearts, we run the risk, too, of being hurt, of being rejected, of being disappointed that after giving all our hearts to an endeavor, we end up as a failure.

It is in this perspective that we can say that Jesus, indeed is a perfect lover. He gave His love down to its final drop until He couldn’t longer give anything more that He breathed His last.

Yes, in a way, He was a big failure. But I think, He gladly lost because of His great love for us.

The love of Christ is not followed by the conjunctions because or if. It is always punctuated with a period.

The love of Jesus is not propelled by mere nostalgia or superficial sentimentalities; it is founded on His decision to die for our sins, to give glory to the Father. It is a decision that came from His free will. He could have opted to have a second option in exchange of His love. But He swallowed the bitter pill—and the rest is history. We are saved!

Albus Dumbledore, the former headmaster of Hogwarts, once said “Our decision, our choice, and not our abilities defines who we are.”

At times, we are presented with a difficult situation to love especially when the person in front of us does not deserve our love. However, we are provided with a good model of a lover.

Christ chose to love. He is love.



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