Thoughts from the Seed Bed

In between the chores of checking whether the sems (on this side of the Salesian world, this is how we call our aspirants and prenovices) are in their proper places, prepare lessons for my teaching stint in the college, take care of the gardens– among many others one of the most challenging duties of being a practical trainee in a formation house is the task of giving good night talks.

That is, at least for me.

Blame it on my stage fright, or perhaps to my distaste of public speaking, that when it’s my turn to deliver the talk for the night, I’d go into  solitude to reflect and compose a piece  so that I’d have something decent to offer.

But even before I knew it, the two years of my  practical training quickly came and went.

And one of the things that rub it in for me that that phase is now over is a compendium of delivered good night talks sitting quietly in one of the folders of my computer.

Those once loose talks are neatly compiled here.

Thoughts from the Seed Bed

Thoughts from the Seedbed Cover-Page Design by Br. Paul Dungca, SDB

They serve as a beautiful memento of my practical training now long gone and a reminder of that first fervor which I once had–and still wish to carry with me up–to that final moment when I am thrust back to the seedbed from where I came.

This compilation–in e-book format–will be launched tomorrow, Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.


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