A Step Further Toward Priesthood

In celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother, 19 new acolytes and lectors were installed during the celebration of the Holy Mass last 8 September.


Newly installed acolytes and lectors. Photo by Br Keith Amodia, SDB

Fr. Paul Bicomong, SDB, provincial of the FIN Province, presided at the celebration.Those taking these ministries toward priesthood came from five of the eleven circumscriptions in the EAO Region: FIN, FIS, ITM, PNG-SI, VIE-MGL (Mongolia Delegation), one from IND (Bangladesh) and another is a diocesan seminarian from the Diocese of Monterey who is undergoing his formation in the Seminaryo.

The acolyte is instituted “to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon. Among his functions count the preparation of the altar and the sacred vessels and if there is a need, distribute the Eucharist to the faithful” (cf. GIRM 98).

On the other hand, the lector is instituted “to proclaim the reading from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel” (cf. GIRM 99).The Salesian Ratio marks this movement of these candidates to Holy Orders as the “progressive exercise of the ministry of the Word and of the altar” (cf. 474, SDB Ratio).

Addressing the newly instituted lectors and acolytes, Fr. Paul reminded them that the “Yes” they gave to the Lord to express their desire to become a Salesian, everything else fell into place. It is in this way that this response of theirs becomes similar with that of the Blessed Mother.

Newly Installed Acolytes
1. Donnie Duchin Duya, SDB
2. Phil Vincent Dumanacal (Diocese of Monterey)
3. Venancio Freitas, SDB
4. Noble Lal, SDB
5. Moise Paluku, SDB
6. Stephen Musya, SDB

Newly Installed Lectors
1. Br. Joseph Nguyen Quoc Dai, SDB
2. Br. Sami Ghouri, SDB
3. Br. Martino Duong Quoc Huy, SDB
4. Br. Marc Will Lim, SDB
5. Br. Ramil  Maranan, SDB
6. Br. Matthias Pinto, SDB
7. Br. John Paul Rasay, SDB
8. Br. Juvelan Paul Samia, SDB
9. Br. Yulius Dadang Supriyanto, SDB
10. Br. Julio Da Silva, SDB
11. Br. Joseph Pham Van Truong, SDB
12. Br. Antonius Werun, SDB
13. Br. Ambrusius Widiyantoro, SDB


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