Standing on the shoulders of the giants

FRANCIS AND JOHN (800x571) (1)

Confronted by the “the new areopagus of modern times” (John Paul II, Redemptoris missio, 37), which challenges the congregation to journey with the young in a “new playground,” The confreres of the FIN Province held an assembly on social communications last Saturday, 27 September at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati City.

The assembly took off through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist led by Fr. Paul Bicomong, SDB, FIN Provincial. In his homily, Fr. Paul noted the wonders which communications technology can do to bridge the gap and form communities. Among these technologies is social media, which, he mused, make it possible to send our message at once to anyone in the world.

Fr. Drans welcomes the confreres to the assembly. Photo by Br James Aro, SDB

Fr. Drans welcomes the confreres to the assembly. Photo by Br James Aro, SDB

Fr. Bernard Nolasco, SDB, head of Commission on Social Communications of the FIN Province took off by welcoming the confreres and put everyone in context as regards the emerging landscape of the world of communication.

Given that the titular patron of the congregation is St. Francis of Sales, patron of editors and Catholic publishers. Don Bosco himself followed his lead by writing and publishing innumerable books aimed to educate and evangelize. Indeed, realizing the contribution of these two saints to mass media is like “Standing on the shoulders of giants

Fr. Fidel Orendain, SDB of the FIS Province was invited as a resource speaker. He spoke about the emerging realities and views on communications ministry.

In the afternoon, five Salesians shared their personal experiences and insights on how they use various means of social communications in the service of evangelization and education.

The five Salesians were Fr. Sal Putzu (On Print, Radio, and Lectures) Fr. Chito Dimaranan (On Both the Traditional and New Media) Fr. Fidel Orendain (On Forming people on the power of the media) Cl. Donnie Duchin Duya (Animating communities thru Social Media) and Cl. Juvelan Samia (The virtual presence complements the real).


It will be of interest to note that these Salesians come from different age brackets and that the organizers thought of this set up in order to bring forth the message that social communications knows no age limit.


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