Will you buy from Jesus?


One most powerful idea I heard over the past week is this:
Advertisers don’t mean to make us happy.

They offer us the coolest gadget: check.
the sleekest car: check.
the most competitive insurance premium: check.

But after having all these, one cannot simply convince oneself
that one’s truly, deeply, absolutely happy.

The human heart will ask for more.
It will demand for this
and that
and those.

And this is where advertisers enter the scene.

They are compelled to look for creative ways
to make us feel incomplete, inconsolable, unsatisfied.
Since only by then that they are able to make us consider their offer.

In this Sunday’s Gospel (Jn 6:37-40), we see Jesus dons an advertiser’s hat,
trying His level best to convince His skeptical listeners.

Let’s backtrack a bit some verses before this pericope to see that His audience had this to say:
“What miraculous sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you?”

Thus, we see this Gospel passage with this question as a background–
we hear Jesus’s pitch to convince an unbelieving audience.

Yes. Advertisers promote their merchandise.
Here, Jesus is no different, for He, too, offers us something.

Unlike those advertisers who run after us because they need something from us,
Jesus cannot stomach to let us go because we need something from Him.
Something which He alone can offer.

But as with all products, Jesus’s came with a price.
But He assures us that we don’t have to pay for it.
It’s on Him: He paid it with His blood.

He embraced death so that we may live to the full.
Unlike those products which are offered us, what Jesus brings is something to stay.
For good.

What He offers is not just life that will rot, decay, become stale.
It is life eternal.

Will you buy from Him?


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