Anong gagawin mo ngayong Pasko?

THE POSTER -- Ano ang Gagawin Mo Ngayong Pasko?  By Br. Jerome Quinto, SDB

THE POSTER — Ano ang Gagawin Mo Ngayong Pasko? By Br. Jerome Quinto, SDB

(What will you do this Christmas?)

This is one question students of Don Bosco Center of Studies (DBCS) ask, and are willing to answer.

Through a fund-raising Christmas concert on December 5 (Friday) and 6 (Saturday), they aim to deepen the way people see Christmas. Following the theological paradigm of Mysterio (Mystery), Communio (Communion), Missio (Mission), their repertoire intends to let the people rediscover the mystery of God’s love concretely expressed in Christ’s incarnation.

Having mulled over this, people are moved to action in two specific ways to be in communion with those around them especially their families and loved ones, and bring that same love of Christ, even to other people whom they do not know at all, in a sort of missionary way.

DBCS, a theological institute run by the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Philippines, is a melting pot of various religious congregations: Servants of the Paraclete, Order of the Friars Minor Conventuals, Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, Redemptoris MaterTertiary Capuchins of our Lady of Sorrows, Military Ordinate of the Philippines, and of course, the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Though organized by the students, their teachers, mostly Salesian priests, have agreed to offer their time for this.  No less than the Dean and President, Fr. Rey dela Cruz, SDB will render a few songs. The Dean of Graduate Studies for Liturgy of San Beda, Dr. Jo Manabat, herself a visiting professor in DBCS will also perform.

There will be songs in different languages, some familiar tunes and new ones to hopefully help see Christmas in a new light.

What makes this concert different?

The organizers, all students of theology, wanted this concert to become a vehicle of doing Theology, with special regard to the education of future evangelizers (priests, seminarians, missionaries, catechists and lay educators who will come after them).

They believe that while there is much value in education, there is perhaps better value in educating educators in holiness.  True, a P 2,000 for a dinner-buffet is an outlandish price to pay on one hand, but on the other, these people see the same value in moving people towards educating those who will be in ministry.  What price is too high to educate those who will lead people to holiness?  There just simply is no answer. But at the end of the day, everyone who will be in the library on those concert dates will be contributing something.  Whether performer, watcher or the behind-the-scenes guy.  And it’s to something they may not even see in their lifetime. Any way you look at it, that’s doing theology, in a concrete (and fun) way!


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