SYM journal entry #2

download1. What do I think about the FoR?

As a reading teacher (once upon a time), I’d tell my students to not immediately plunge into the act of reading once they get hold of a book. Instead,they ought to examine first its physical attributes. After all, physicality is one of the first aspects one can take note of a book.

Thus, upon seeing a book, one examines first its cover page, or its thickness, its spine, even before leafing through its pages, or even before one finally pores over its table of contents for a more in depth assessment of what’s inside.

This is what I exactly did when I got hold of the book on Salesian Youth Ministry–Frame of Reference (SYM-FoR). I was thrilled to have a general feel of the book. Right off, it seemed like an eye-candy, indeed a very attractive read. Just merely looking at it makes me reckon that it’s simply a masterpiece.

I attempted to read the SYM-FoR months ago, before it has been made a compulsory read in the Salesian Youth Ministry course I enrolled this semester. The brand of English language used is rather strange for an Asian. And reading it gives me the feel that I am being drowned in the ocean of text.

My response here is unfinished since I still have to plunge into the act of reading.

2. What do I feel about it?

One classmate from another congregation saw the book from another Salesian classmate who brought the book in a subject before the SYM class. It must have piqued his interest since he started to ask questions about the book. In between, he could not hide his admiration for the congregation for coming up with such a book on youth ministry.

I was not part of their conversation, a mere eavesdropper in their exchange. But it dawned on me that the congregation has reached this mile in coming up with such a book (updating its previous editions, to be exact) which leads me to realize that youth ministry in the congregation must have been very important to merit such attention.

It is in this regard that with such a book, I feel the admiration to those who have endeavored on this project and a sense of pride for the Congregation for such a feat.

3. How can I somehow acknowledge the great effort behind the SYM-FoR?

At the very least, what I can do is to read the book. After all, the manuscript was produced precisely for this purpose. Another way of acknowledging the great effort of those who are behind it is to offer what I think about it in order to improve the output.


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