SYM Journal Entry #4

Am I happy at all?

Some days ago, I had a casual exchange with a confrere. Somewhere along the conversation, he asked me this question, “When was the last time you got excited?” I had to think carefully in order to sincerely respond to his query. And then, after a while, I told him, “I received gift from someone the other day. I think that’s the last time I really felt excited.

I was not sure why he asked me that question but it was worth reflecting on as I answer the questions given to us in our Youth Ministry class.

Here in this post, I equate the sense of happiness with that of ‘excitement.’

I had to collapse the two different categories into just one in order to be more concrete with how I measure the level of happiness or at the very least, specify a concrete instance where I felt positive (which I can relate with being happy).

With the answer I gave to that confrere, it must have been about the material gift which stimulated my being happy. But then again, after examining things further, it’s not just about the material gift, but about the thought that someone has thoughtfully remembered me.

I think one source of happiness for a youth minister is that his effort is repaid by a simple token of thanks. That’s how I felt at that time. And to answer the first question, yes, I think I am happy at all.

How can I be a joyful, life-giving instrument of the goodness just as Don Bosco was? 

The way I see Don Bosco lived his life, it was not just the generosity, but a great sense of selflessness for his young people became an important principle of his life. His selflessness of course, is derived from his satisfaction to win souls for God.

I figured, if I desire to follow Don Bosco, in terms of his joyful and life-giving instrument of goodness, I would have to follow along the direction he treaded.


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