Just like Mary

Reflection on Mary, Mother of God – Year B
01 January 2015

MOM: Three-letter word that is the sweetest! Graphics by Br. Paul Dungca, SDB

MOM: Three-letter word that is the sweetest! Graphics by Br. Paul Dungca, SDB

“Mary kept all these things in her heart.” Lk 2:19

We start this New Year entrusting our lives to the very person who has nurtured and reared our Lord Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

St. Augustine would say that even before Mary conceived Jesus in her womb, she first conceived Him in her heart.

Jesus grew up quite well. This should be one big unmistakable proof to entrust ourselves to her.

However, at times, we wonder if Mary always understood God’s will. The records left by the evangelists are scarce. Perhaps, we’d not be able to establish any proof for this.

But one thing is sure: She listened to God, and she kept His Word in her heart.

Being the mother of Jesus was a no easy feat. The privileged position didn’t sweep the riches of the world under her feet. She did not have any minions at her beck and call. In fact, Mary underwent sacrifices. Even before our Lord carried His cross, Mary had to carry hers first.

She must have been afraid to bear a child without the assurance that she would not suffer death because of her situation, let alone the certainty that any thinking man would accept her circumstance,

She must have wept when she knew that hundreds of babies had to die because of her Son Jesus.

She must have grown tired of running to Egypt in order to escape the brunt of an emperor who was after her child.

Mary’s only question recorded in the Bible is “how.” And yet, still being unsure with the other details of how God will enter the world, Mary believed. And that’s what all matters.

Let us take her powerful witness, the depth of her belief in God, as we continue to battle it out journeying in this ‘valley of tears.’

At times, we also don’t understand. And perhaps, we’ll never know what God has in stored for us. Let us look to Mary for strength, just as we look at our very own mothers who are always beside us to comfort us and to guide us.

Let us make Mary our model who has attentively listened to God, even if it pains, even in times of defeat, and of great desolation.

Mary stood with Jesus up to the very moment of His death on the cross, she is our mother, too. Her affection, her maternal love reaches out to us as well.

We who are not given the privilege of carrying Jesus in our arms, and especially in our wombs, are challenged by the Church to carry Him in our hearts.

Just like Mary, our mother, did.


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