Adoring Jesus in the Eucharist

The young people in the parish where I go to for my weekend ministry organized a Eucharistic adoration after the Mass in honor of St. John Bosco.  It was held last Saturday, 31 January, his feast day.

The event became a beautiful moment in adoring Jesus in the form of the Eucharistic Bread that goes beyond nourishing our physical bodies. More importantly, it sustains our spiritual life.


Before enshrining Him in the special place carefully prepared for Him, a short procession was held along the narrow alleys where houses of people are located. Those who may not have the time to adore Him may nonetheless cast a glance at Him as He is brought to them.  Along the way, the rosary was recited.


Leading the procession is the image of St. John Bosco which calls to mind how he, in his lifetime,  led countless young people to Christ present in the Holy Eucharist.

It was also a way of bringing the Eucharist to those in the peripheries, those who do not go to the church.

Toward the end of the rite, the participants were asked to come forward in order to hold the cloth which touches the base where the monstrance (from the Latin word monstrare, which means “to expose”) is placed.

This rite alludes to Jesus’ healing the bleeding woman (cf. Mark 5:21-43, Matthew 9:18-26, Luke 8:40-56)

imageIt is interesting to note that the synoptic writers wanted to point out to their readers the capacity of Jesus, the Divine healer, to cure beyond the physical aspect of this miracle in order to manifest the deeper work that had taken place in the woman.

Leo Zanchettin notes that “Not only did Jesus heal this woman of the effects of sin, he also healed her of sin itself, bringing her into a deeper relationship with God…

image“… She who was once considered an outcast and unclean was welcomed by Jesus and restored to her original dignity.


The Jesuit Father John Hardon notes that “The worship and custody of the Holy Eucharist, independently of Mass and Holy Communion, can be traced to post-apostolic times. St. Justin, writing in his Apology around the year 150, says that deacons were appointed to carry the Blessed Sacrament to those who were absent from the liturgy.” 


This Saturday, 7 February, a Grand Eucharistic Adoration will be held at Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong. There will be the pre-adoration activities at 4 in the afternoon, while the adoration proper begins at 6 in the evening.

You may pre-register by clicking here.


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