#EasterTuesday: Only with eyes cleansed with tears

I recall that when Pope Francis came to our country early this year, he left our nation with many valuable lessons, among them: Learn how to cry.

Perhaps, this is the very stance of Mary Magdalene in our Gospel episode today (Jn 20:11-18). Upon her discovering that the lifeless body of Jesus had been missing, she merely stayed outside the tomb weeping.

This must have prompted an angel, and Jesus Himself to ask her this question: “Why are you weeping?

Her eyes were still welling up with tears. But she could not be mistaken.

It is the Lord–He is alive!

The narration ends with Mary announcing to the disciples “I have seen the Lord.”

Perhaps, the event of resurrection as Mary experienced, can only be seen through eyes cleansed by our tears–as with some realities of life.

Only can we see the risen Jesus when we know how to weep for those who are discarded by the society, the poor and marginalized.

The message of resurrection lies hidden in them.

And only with eyes cleansed with tears can we truly discover it.


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