#EasterWednesday: Our eyes may be opened, too

Since Saturday, we’ve been filled in on the narrative of Jesus’s resurrection.

Two distinct facts tell us that (1) the tomb where He had been buried was found empty, and (2) a pair of angels announced that Jesus was raised back to life.

However, these are just mere signs which point to the event of resurrection. Neither the empty tomb nor the angel gives us the actual proof that Christ has indeed resurrected.

Today’s Gospel episode (Luke 24:13-35) brings us face to face with that proof.

For His disciples actually encountered Him. He walked beside them. He ate with them. He was present in their midst.

Let us pray that our eyes, too, may be opened. So that just like the two disciples, we may recognize Him when we meet Him in the Word proclaimed, in the celebration of the Eucharist, and in each one of us who bears His image and likeness.


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