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This book is a work of ten hands.

I wrote, Br. Jerome Quinto, SDB did the lay out, Br. Paul Dungca, SDB created the most beautiful cover page I could ever imagine. And the superior proofreading skills of Ms. Wenks Pasimio and Dr. Maan Gaerlan made it possible to purify my writing faux pas, and more importantly, made my thoughts a lot clearer.

This book is a compilation of goodnight talks I prepared and delivered when I was in my practical training in the seminary.

Each essay serves as a beautiful memento of my practical training now long gone and a reminder of that first fervor which I once had—and still wish to carry with me—up to that final moment when I am thrust back to the seedbed from where I came.

We released this book last year via the homepage of the Salesian Generalate. But I thought of sharing this e-book through this blog.  I found a way to make it available here. Click the link below to access the e-book, which you could read in your smart phones or save in your computer.

Thoughts from the Seedbed


A confrere wrote a review about my book. Below is a snippet of his review. For a full review, you could click here.

If Don Bosco made a tradition out of his mother’s nightly practice of a few words, then Bro. Donnie has turned the Goodnight into a literary genre.  You find umpteen dozen collections of homilies around, but not so many collections of Good nights!  This brief collection may be very helpful, mutatis mutandis, in various parts of the region and indeed elsewhere.

The genre requires, we know, that one be pithy and succinct, and these are not easy to maintain in a consistent way in a literary form, let alone in speech, but Donnie has achieved this across some 20 Good nights given to young aspirants and prenovices (known as ‘sems’ or ‘seminarians’ in Filipino Salesian lingo).



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