The challenge of holiness

Savio's battle cry "Death rather than Sin!" Graphics by Br.Paul Dungca, SDB

St. Dominic Savio’s battle cry “Death rather than Sin!” Graphics by Br.Paul Dungca, SDB.

At a young age, Dominic Savio saw the beauty of virtue and the folly of sin.

Goodness captivated him, sin repelled him; it’s more of seeing a poison built-in with it that he’d not want to do anything connected with it. Not that he cared for his life dearly; rather, he loved God most.

At a tender age, he listened intently to his conscience; it tells him, “Sin offends God.”

And this would be the last thing in his mind, to cause displeasure to God.

He was barely seven years old when he was granted the extraordinary grace to make his first communion. One of the resolutions he’d come up with is to “die than to offend God by committing sin.”

We’d see that this is not just an empty slogan, but a concrete program which animated his life: Every thought, word and deed revolved around it.

His resoluteness has been favored with God. His devotion is met with a much greater love that propelled him to achieve what his heart longs for.

The soundness of saints like Savio is that we are led to see that we could go beyond our limits and break down mighty borders in order to reach that place where God calls us to go, and to become what He has envisioned us to become.

This is the significance of Savio. This is the challenge of holiness.


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