10 Salesian Clerics embrace #Forever

The Seminaryo ng Don Bosco Community with the proffesandi.

                        The Seminaryo ng Don Bosco Community with the professandi.

St. John Bosco Parish, Makati City, 31 May 2015— The Parish under the patronage of St. John Bosco, whose bicentenary of birth we mark this year, became a timely venue of the perpetual profession of 10 young clerics who desired to stay with Don Bosco forever:

Albino Fernandez (ITM)
Francisco Borgias Adventus (ITM-Indonesia)
Gersio Amaral (ITM)
John Paul Rasay (FIS)
Jolino de Costa Vieira (ITM)
Juvelan Paul Samia (FIN)
Marc Will Lim (FIN)
Olivio da Costa (ITM)
Ramil Maranan (FIN)
Samuel Adnan Ghouri (FIS-Pakistan)

Fr. Anthony Paul Bicomong, FIN Provincial, accepted their vows in the name of the Rector Major.

In his homily, Fr. Paul took the opportunity to relate the Perpetual Profession with the Solemn Feast of the Holy Trinity noting that the very formula of Salesian profession is in itself Trinitarian: God the Father calls, we follow the Son, we are led by the Holy Spirit.

He wrapped up his homily by challenging the newly professed with the challenge of Pope Francis to all consecrated men and women to wake up the world as this year coincides with the Year of Consecrated Life.

The professandi chose the theme “My life for my sheep” (John 10:15), taking the cue from the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd and from Don Bosco himself, who was shepherded countless young people back to the fold.

In his speech in behalf of the perpetuandi, Br. Gersio thanked various individuals who have been part of their journey. In particular, he acknowledged the young people in attendance and promised them that they will always be in their prayer.

Relive their moment of #forever by watching this short video clip of the Rite of Perpetual Profession.


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