Ordination to the Diaconate

diaconate ordination

The Salesian Society of St. Francis of Sales and the Diocese of Monterey are very grateful to the Lord for the gift of seven ordinands for the order of Diaconate.

Deacons are ordained by the laying on of hands, a tradition handed down from the Apostles, so that through the sacramental grace they may effectively fulfill their ministry.

On this Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, our candidates will not just be hearers of the Gospel but also its ministers. Holding the mystery of faith with a clear conscience, may they express by their actions the word of God which their lips proclaim, so that the Christian people, brought to life by the Spirit, may be a pure offering accepted by God.

They have chosen as theme for today’s celebration, “If Anyone Serves Me, the Father Will Honor Him.” John points to Jesus, the Word made flesh, always asking us to prepare ourselves to encounter Him. Trying to hit upon the meaning of all that he has witnessed himself, he responds totally to God with humility and with joy.

Indeed, this is a great day of rejoicing and thanksgiving!



  1. Congratulations, Rev. Bro, Deacon Donnie! God bless you and your Salesian Diaconal Ministry on behalf of the young! Ad multos annos in the Lord’s vineyard! Imitate your ordination patron, St John the Baptist, in all activities with those you are called to minister always point the way to Jesus! With fraternal love and prayers, Fr. Mark

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