On Dependence on God

Tuesday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time
18 August 2015

Judges 6:11-24
Matthew 19:23-30


Photo from the Facebook page of Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) – Philippines

Our readings today prompt us once more on the importance of our dependence on God.

In the first reading Israel was conquered. Gideon is on the verge of hopelessness, until an angel of the Lord appears and commands him to save Israel from their oppressors. But Gideon appears to be uneasy with the mission being entrusted to him, reasoning out that his family is poor, and he is the least in his father’s house.

But the angel assures him that the Lord will be with them.

Our Gospel today continues the account we heard yesterday. Here, Jesus points out the need to depend on God and not on the promise of security brought about by wealth. He did not say “it is impossible for the rich to enter the Kingdom of heaven”  it’s just that, it is hard for him, given his probable reliance on his riches and not on God’s providence.

Wealth and abundance may be a sign that God blesses us, but we are challenged to recognize
as well the dangers that material wealth brings.

For these may hinder us from pinning our hope on God especially so because we know that we have other options to go to.

Years ago, when I was doing BEC in a parish, I found myself in a small shanty. It was a very small house where the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, and the bed room are all in one place. The house belonged to a 70-something woman.
She was living there alone.

She shared with us that she’s grateful because of the many graces she received from God. She could not ask for more. While she was saying these words, I could not prevent my eyes from looking at the immense poverty surrounding her and asked myself whether the woman was just being sarcastic.

But I saw in her eyes the authentic and profound gratitude brought about by her dependence on God. She sees herself blessed by God. On His providence, is her security, his stronghold.

She has found in Jesus the Grace. the rest doesn’t matter any longer.


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