How are we to live as Christians?

9 September 2015
Col 3:1-3
Luke 6:27-32Picture1

In my apostolate stint at St Jose Parish, I met a grandmother who is in her 80s. Her husband died some years ago, when, in one drinking spree, he was stabbed to death by her very own son-in-law.

Her husband died even before they could bring him to the hospital.

When she was narrating the details, I noted that her voice was weak and her gestures frail, but her sad eyes couldn’t fail to express the pain that incident has caused her.

Her next words caught me by surprise, she says, “My son-in-law was imprisoned for some time because of that—but he is now free... I have forgiven him… If I would not, he will surely rot in jail. And who would provide for my grandchildren?

Such a courageous act of forgiveness—of letting go of the pain, and of the hurt, and of the anger—simply because there is something more powerful than all these.

Today we heard a delightful set of readings: St Paul’s letter to the Colossians reinforces the beautiful but bold message of St Luke’s portrait of Jesus, which leads us to confront this question: How are we to live as Christians?

Let us pray, that the way we answer this question today may truly become a beautiful expression of our praise to the Lord.


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