A Presence that guards and guides

Memorial of Guardian Angels
2 October 2015

One of the articles published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Salesian Studies caught my fancy. Written by a confrere in Belgium, it asserts that the Essence of Preventive System is Salesian Assistance.

Salesian assistance can simply be reduced to just one word: Presence.

This makes us resonate all the more with our memorial today of our Guardian Angels. At the heart of its doctrine constitutes not only their “watchful care,” but also of their “intercession.” From the beginning of human life, up until the hour of death, we are surrounded by their constant protection (cf CCC 336).

We heard this precisely in our first reading (Ex 23:20-23): An angel is sent before us, to guard us, and to bring us to the place prepared for us.

In our Gospel (Mt 18:1-5, 10), Jesus calls the attention of the adults to a child in their midst. Through that very child, Jesus sets humility as an important condition in order to be considered great. A quality which is characterized by listening, meekness, the need to ask for help, and the capacity to ask for forgiveness, among others.

Let us continue to inculcate these beautiful traits in the youth we minister to with our presence—as we continue to ask the help of our guardian angels to nourish these as well in each of us.

On this first Friday, let us also beg Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart so that our very presence may remind one another that God is not distant. That he is here.

And his love is manifested with the care and concern we show one another.


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