Last week, I met some of our prenovices over dinner. They were on vacation. I noticed that most of them were sporting facial hair. When I took notice, one of them even narrated how he wanted to hide it from Fr. Prefect, though, to no avail since he was waiting at the table before they left for vacation, and so, the formator noticed and called him to task for it. Jokingly, he told us that he’s bracing for #NoShaveNovember.

I’ve been seeing this #NoShaveNovember advocacy for sometime in my wall. Former students and perhaps, even confreres would intentionally skip the razor in order to support it. It piqued my interest and googled it. I found out that the campaign is to raise awareness about cancer. Here below are some background info about it. I got it from this site.

No Shave November has been around for over 10 years, starting in 2003. At the time it wasn’t attached to men’s health, it was just a bit of fun with the mates, but now it has become one of the biggest yearly campaigns for awareness about men’s health issues.

The same site also lays out the rules for those who wish to participate in it:

  1. Grow an entire beard and when the month of November comes to a close you shave it into a unique mustache.

    2. No-Shave November has the main goal of raising men’s health issues awareness through embracing hair,
which many cancer patients lose, so let it grow wild and free!

   3. If you get supporters or want to help with a charitable cause then the No Shave November website suggests
men and women participating donate money they usually spend on shaving supplies to some kind of cancer
related cause.

 I created a meme to contribute to the cause, but I tweaked it a bit in order to highlight awareness to our proto-martyrs, Sts. Luigi Versiglia and Callistus Caravario who also have been epitomized as courageous missionaries willing not just to kiss the razor goodbye, but also, and more importantly, radiated the tender love of Jesus to their flock.


Read more about them. Here.


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