Friends, at the close of the Liturgical Year B, Prenovice Jonas Paulo Lacson of Don Bosco Seminary, shares his graphics designs. I’ve known him to have a knack for video editing (for example, he helped me out editing this video on the 200th jubilee of Mary Help of Christians), but I never thought that he could also whip out eye candy designs in terms of graphic arts. Hence, it’s a pleasant surprise to see his graphic design outputs.

There is so much freshness in them, and the colors are very alive and so vibrant. And to think that he did all four of these (and the other one for the First Sunday of Advent for Year C, hence, I’m not including it here yet) in just less than one week!

Perhaps, if his schedule permits, we could feature more of his work here before he finally signs off since he’s bound to a far way island by next year. As before, please feel free to download, use and share to your friends in Facebook. And together, let’s help in evangelizing the cyber continent!

nov1_allsaintsdayNovember 01, 2015  I Solemnity of All Saints


November 08, 2015  I 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time–B


November 15, 2015  I 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time–B


November 22, 2015  I Solemnity of Christ the King–B


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