When darkness caught us…

Darkness caught us along the streets when we had our street evangelization the other night. But before we finally return to our home base, we needed to have our last stop in one area. When we arrived, the kids were playing a game.

They were all enthralled. Stopping them from their activity was not a wise move as they would not listen to us. And so, as the saying goes, “If you cannot beat them, join them!”

We did likewise.


After our encounter with kids, we realized how we so enjoyed that moment. Several meters away from them, we would still see their arms amidst the dark, and hear their voices bidding us farewell.

We were in unison in saying that this, by far, is one of our greatest moments with the kids in the parish.

In the darkness that engulfed us, the sparkle of a speck of light allures.


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