Mamma Margaret

Today, 25 November, we commemorate Venerable Margaret Bosco, mother of St. John Bosco.

In the life of Don Bosco, we could get a glimpse of how Mamma Margaret contributed to his formation as a devout Christian, and even a saintly priest. She taught him how to cultivate a strong devotion to our Lady, and showered him with all paternal love, considering that she raised him alone since he lost his father at a tender age.

I was gladly surprised that the parish priest in my very own parish, Fr. Rey, is a devotee of Mamma Margaret considering that he’s not a Salesian. This made me realize how saints are not mere “private properties” of the congregations from where they came from for they are owned by the Church at large.

Fr. Rey narrated to us how he sought her intercession when his own mother got sick just this year. And while they relied on medical interventions to treat his mother, he still considers how Mamma Margaret’s intercession proved beneficial in her recovery.

When we visited him last week, we brought a book on the life of Mamma Margaret. And when he told us that he plans to have a stampita made in her honor, I quickly volunteered to be of help. Thanks to Br. Jerome Quinto, SDB, for whipping out a classic stampita look!

Like how Mamma Margaret assisted her son Don Bosco in taking care of young people of their time who considered the oratory their homes, may she continue to intercede for the young people of our age, especially those who consider the religious and priestly vocation.


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