FB graphics for the Advent Season

In a matter of days, the Advent season is already here. The Church makes us experience a different feel of the liturgy, which is concretely manifested in the colors of the vestments of the priest and even in the altar cloth. The Gloria will be absent for the next four Sundays and the ubiquitous symbol of the season–the advent wreathe–comes into fore!

Since life on-line is enriched by our life in the off-line context, we follow this stream as well. Prenovice Jonas Lacson brings us these four Facebook cover photo graphics which are not just mere eye-candies, for they mean to make us recognize the various liturgical aspects of the Advent season, excite our hearts to really prepare as we commemorate the coming of our Lord Jesus into the world as a human person, but more importantly, they ought to prepare us to welcome Him to our hearts.

As before, please feel free to download, use and share to your friends in Facebook. And together, let’s help in evangelizing the cyber continent!

wpid-wp-1446847534495.pngNovember 29, 2015  I  First Sunday of Advent


December 06, 2015  I  Second Sunday of Advent


December 13, 2015  I  Third Sunday of Advent


December 20, 2015  I  Fourth Sunday of Advent


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