Signs of the Kingdom

Friday in the 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time–B
Luke 21-29-33


A Fig tree stands tall in the wilderness, it signifies the change in season.  Image courtesy of

Our first reading re-acquaints us with Daniel’ vision of the four beasts. We heard that they had strange appearances, one had four heads while the other was even sporting ten horns.

They are simply scary!

But toward the end of the proclamation, we heard that the beasts were all wiped out—The Son of Man riding on the clouds of heaven finished them off.

Most Bible scholars agree that these four beasts signify the forces that lorded over Israel—and eventually, their utter destruction.

Hence, the first reading brings us to a greater realization about a future kingdom of God which “will have no end.”

This good news dovetails with the message of our Gospel today: Our Lord Jesus speaks of signs.

Here, allow me to borrow the thoughts of the Jesuit priest James Martin. He says, and I quote, “Jesus met people where they were by communicating with them in ways that they could understand by speaking their language … he used images of the things they knew—seeds, birds, wheat, clouds, water.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus spoke of the fig tree—and the changes that happen to it to signify that the season is changing.

He asks us to learn from it—Insofar as the Kingdom of God is at hand—and we ought to be conscious of the signs that point us to this.

 Jesus assures that everything is fleeting, short-lived, momentary. Except for one thing: His Word!

Let us beg Jesus—the face of the Father—that we, who nourish ourselves with His Word, and partake of His Body may not just become instruments in putting an end to the beasts that persecute the little ones, but become beautiful signs ourselves that will attract more people to His Kingdom.


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