Broadway in Another Way: A Review

Don Bosco Center of Studies had its first run of the recollection-concert “Broadway in Another Way” yesterday, December 10 at the Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption College in Makati City.

Its first offering last year Ano’ng Gagawin Mo Ngayong Pasko?” was a smashing success that, without even vocal about it, the production team behind the musicale must have felt the pressure to just equal, more so, surpass last year’s feat.

But in more ways than one, “Broadway in Another Way” didn’t disappoint.


First, because the range of the music isn’t just limited to Christmas carols, nor to a specific period. In fact, the most ancient song they rendered goes as faar back as 1956 (“I whistle a Happy Tune in Rodger’s” in Hammerstein’s The King and I). And the most novel one in their repertoire is “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin (1992.)


Second reason—the performers who, unlike last year, were not just seminarians and priests, but also, lay faithful. One cast, for example, is Mang Francis, who is a cook of the Brothers’ Community. Another are five (biological) fathers who acted as themselves, with that moving line that they are there because of their support to priests and seminarians of the Church. These five dads have professed that each of them pray for a seminarian every single day.

Lance, an 11-year old boy, the narrator and the recollection facilitator, adeptly provided the right rhythm in delivering the lines of the script. The boy was impeccable in delivering that Latin line, too! I will not reveal what Latin aphorism was that, go watch and look for it!


Third, the venue. The feel of the Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption College has surely given a “Broadway” atmosphere to the concert. Last year, the cast happily transformed the school library into a concert venue. This year’s performance, given the concert theme, needed a bigger site, which is more apt for the concert. Assumption College’s theater provided just the right atmosphere.

Finally, the script. Fr. Michael La Guardia, SDB is a gifted writer whose opus is not just a pleasure to the mind, but gently rubs off to one’s heart, and penetrates to one’s soul! There are even dynamics in the performance which necessitated the participation of the audience. The main plot revolves around the journey of a young man, from his entry to the seminary down to his very own ordination.  The treatment was ably guided by appropriate songs. If you’ll see the show on Saturday, you need to wait for the song “Money, Money, Money.”

The people who are behind it converge to put up this production for the sole reason of their love for the Church, concretely shown by their support of her ministers–priests and the future ones, our seminarians.

There are still two shows this Saturday, matinee is at 3 PM, while the gala show is at 7 PM.



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