Here’s another batch of Facebook header photos for the first month of the year 2016 that is yet to be ushered in.
This time, a very young aspirant, Paul Lopez, rendered the design. He’s just on his first year in our seminary in Canlubang.
As before, here are graphics which you could use for your FB cover photos which highlight the essence of the liturgical theme for all the Sundays of January. Incidentally, next month, our country plays hosts to the 51st Eucharistic Congress. The Third and Fourth Sundays of Ordinary Time reflect this.
Please feel free to download, use and share.
I thank Don Bosco for the opportunity to serve in propagating the  Gospel, 
and also, in getting to know young people who are gifted, passionate in their craft, and who are not willing to share their gifts, but also, their lives as well, all for the service of God.
May God bless our endeavors for the upcoming year!
Luke 2_16_21

January 1, 2016   l   Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God–Year C

Matthew 2_1_12

January 3, 2016   l   Solemnity of the Epiphany–Year C

Luke 3_15,21_22

January 10, 2016   l   Baptism of the Lord–Year C


January 17, 2016   l   Feast of the Sto. Nino–Year C


January 24, 2016   l   3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time–Year C
Opening of the 51st Eucharistic Congress

Luke 4_21_30

January 31, 2016   l   4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Closing of the 51st Eucharistic Congress–Year C


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