Tuesday after the Epiphany
Mark 6:34-44


Multiplication of the Bread. Graphics from http://www.redbubble.com

One of the posts in Facebook made by Fr Marty last Christmas day was about the community Christmas menu. I drooled reading the list of mouth-watering food he enumerated. And it made me think that food is indeed a worldwide, rather, a universal reality, when it comes to celebration. Simply put, we cannot do without it.

Incidentally, what we heard in today’s Gospel reading is about food. But make no mistake about it: There’s no important event to celebrate. It’s not a big banquet. There’s no feast at all.

Mark the evangelist gave us the scenario. They were in a lonely place and it was already getting dark. The apostles had the foresight to tell the Lord to send the multitude away … “so that they themselves could buy something to eat.” Instead, Jesus, upon seeing beyond what His apostles saw, responded, “You give them something to eat.”

Jesus saw something beyond the five loaves of bread and two fish—that He managed to fill more than 5,000 men.

But what is more is that He did not stop in merely giving them food: Jesus became, for them, and even for us, food Himself.

The first reading gives us the reason why: In Jesus, the love of God was made manifest among us. This is the essence of what the mystery of incarnation and celebration of Christmas is all about: The love of the Father has assumed a human form.

May the food that we’ll partake in a while, enthuse us, challenge us so that, we may see beyond, and by seeing more, like Jesus, we’ll be able to love more.


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