Thursday in the 5th Week of Lent
17 March 2016


It is always challenging to prepare a homily. Not because it is difficult to write. No, it is not the writing part that is tough. Sources are everywhere. Commentaries abound in books and even in the Internet. Yes, especially in the Internet.

The hardest part in preparing the homily is not the writing—but the living. That fact that I am not just expected to talk in this homily, but also how to walk this ‘talk,’ gives me chills. How my preaching is coherent with my living poses always a tall order.

I may move your hearts with the loftiest vocabulary I use, or the soundest theological ideas I meditated on. The tough part is, brothers, I live with you, day in and day out. You will easily validate whether my living is faithful with my preaching.

The theme of the liturgy today communicates to us God’s faithfulness to His covenant with us.

From the first reading, to the responsorial psalm, down to the Gospel, the readings are woven carefully to come up with one seamless piece that showcases how God’s word is congruent with His works.

In the first reading (Gn 17:3-9) we heard God’s monologue addressed to Abraham. Here, God churns out one promise after the next: Abraham will be exceedingly fertile, that he will not just produce a nation, what is more, this very nation will produce kings that will come from Abraham himself.

The first reading concludes with an appeal from God for Abraham to keep the covenant throughout the ages.

Jesus reinforces this very message, as if to remind us, in the beginning of the Gospel (Jn 8:51-59) no less, “Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever keeps my word will never see death.”  Our keeping of His word is key to our living.

As we continue with this celebration of the Liturgy, let us ask Jesus for that singular grace that will accompany us to live our life consistent with the tenets of our faith.


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