FIN Province opens Provincial Chapter



The Provincial Chapter of the Northern Philippine Province (FIN) officially commenced last Monday, 3 May 2016, with its Provincial Superior, Fr. Paul Bicomong‘s declaration that it be opened.

The day started with the Mass of the Holy Spirit presided by Fr. Danny Torres, vice provincial. A recollection and adoration succeeded the Holy Sacrifice. Fr. Peter Baquero, delegate of the PNG, preached the recollection.

When the roll was called, only a lone capitular member did not make it for the chapter—58 chapter members were present. The first plenary session was mainly about the presentation of the State of the Province by Fr. Bicomong. An open forum took place afterwards.

The second plenary session buckled down the capitular members to work especially in electing the Chapter secretary, plenary facilitators and scrutineers and also the approving of the working paper of the chapter.

Afterwards, the capitulars proceeded to discuss with the their respective groups the different line of actions proposed for the implementation of the 27th General Chapter.

The day was capped off with a rosary and a good night talk given by Bro. Enrique Enriquez who spoke about the works in Don Bosco Agro-Mechanical Technology Center, Legazpi.

If you are able to read this, please remember to pray that the Holy Spirit steer the direction of the Province toward that will which God willed. Our FIN confreres have composed this prayer for their conduct of the Provincial Chapter. Let us be one with them in the spirit of communion:

Prayer for the Provincial Chapter 2016

Almighty Father,
You call us to become witnesses to the radical approach of the Gospel.
As we celebrate the Provincial Chapter, we beg You to strengthen our sense of belonging to our Provincial community.
May our deliberations reflect our involvement as pastors characterized by fraternal respect and zeal for souls.
Call us to constant conversion so that we may grow more in Your grace which will truly transform us to become Mystics in the Spirit Prophets of Fraternity and Servants of the Young.
Accompany us in our discernment to reshape our presences so that we may efficiently cooperate in building up your kingdom as credible witnesses.
May this fraternal gathering become a way, too, that leads us to greater Love.




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