Io Scelgo Te (I choose you)

What follows is the gratitude speech of Rev. Marc Will Lim, SDB delivered in behalf of the newly ordained deacons. With him, 15 young men were ordained last 24 June at the National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians.


The newly ordained Rev. Marc Will Lim, SDB delivers the gratitude speech in behalf of the ordinands. Photo by Mr. Alexander Amora Juni. 

A blessed afternoon dear people of God!

I am humbled to speak in behalf of my batch. I can attest of the holiness and greatness of my batchmates and it is humbling to speak on behalf of them. We are gathered here today not only because we celebrate the ordination to the diaconate of the 16 of us—but because the Lord has proven once more that He is faithful.

I know that each of us 16 would only want to say one thing; thank you. In Urdu, “bohot shukriya”; in Korean “gansahamnida”; In Vietnamese “cam on”; in Tetum the dialect of Timor Leste “obrigado”; in Indonesia in their dialect Bahasa “terima kasih”; in Filipino “salamat po” and in Kishwahili the language in Kenya “ashante sana”.

Thank you very much for bringing the Lord today our beloved bishop!

Thank you our bringing the Lord today our beloved priest superiors and priest formators!

Thank you for bringing the Lord today our beloved family, our beloved friends, our beloved co-seminarians and all co-journeyers to the Lord. Thank you very much!

But more than a moment of thanksgiving. Today marks the commencement of a selfless service; a service of prayer, a service of work, a service to the poor and service to the earth!

A life given to the sheep would never be possible if there is no union with the One who is truly faithful. The Lord is indeed gracious. He deserves all our praise! Thank you Lord for being with us this afternoon!

And we also would like to thank everybody for accompanying us. If there will be instances that we will go out of the way bring us back, bring us back towards the direction towards the Lord. If necessary, admonish us, humble us that we should be the ones bearing the Lord. Accompany us more, sustain us by your prayers, sustain us by your corrections, sustain us by your support!

Finally, our batch would like to offer a service to all of you, a service through a song, a song where there is a love story, a love story between two loves, the one who calls and the one who responds. Thank you for joining us and I hope you would enjoy this song for all of you.

Thank you very much.


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