Who wants to be a Religious?


Spot the difference. A Salesian Brother in the midst of Salesian clerics. 


Follow these three tips when you feel you’re called to be a religious
By Br. Jomar Castillo, SDB

Many young people might be asking: “What to do when you feel you are called to be a religious?” Well, I remember a game show that gives you 3 points to verify your answer.

Maybe, we could try this here! Are you ready?

1. Call a Friend

Look for a person whom you think could help you in your journey. A priest, brother or sister could help. Open you heart to them. They have undergone the process of discernment and they are most willing to share the process which they underwent. It is always very good to look for some competent people whom you could discern with so that you can really validate whether God is calling you toward that path.

2. Fifty-Fifty

You need to give up some things. Prioritize! St. John of the Cross says: “You cannot say ‘no’ to others unless you have a burning ‘yes’ to God.” In this world of plurality, there are many choices. But if you feel you that you’re called to religious life, remember that it is one of the loftiest choices a person can make. It is putting into a higher level the promise to love during one’s baptism. Also, which gifts of yours fits the charism of the congregation you would like to join. Just like any app in your phone, check your compatibility.

3. Ask the Audience

You can ask people about qualities that you may have in order to fit yourself to the life you are seeking to embrace. Remember the three H’s? Head: the capacity to prepare yourself for the ministry. Are you able to cope with the demands of the life you are seeking to enter? Heart: the willingness to give yourself totally to God through this particular charism that God has given you. Are you ready to consume your life to work exclusively for the Kingdom of God? And, Health: does your health permit you to go through the rigors of formation and the future ministry?

So, who wants to be a religious? After undergoing the simple 1-2-3 steps, don’t forget to check the great joy within!

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