(PDF) Theology of Communication

As in any other body of text, the introduction, though the first one to appear, is the last to be written. This very introduction to my own synthesis of Theology is not an exception.

I have chosen to view Theology from the lens of communication—and consequently, blend various theological strands from the same vantage point—not because it has been my comfort zone.

Far from it—communication is one elusive subject that is too hot to handle. ‘Elusive’ is the operative word here.

Perhaps, because it is not a single subject in itself. Communication stands on various disciplines which impinge on the most fundamental aspects of our humanity. Within the body of communication science come anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and the list is endless.

Communication is indescribable, not just because it is abstract or inexplicable. But perhaps, because it is so commonsensical that we tend to not notice it. Like food, water and shelter, which surround us and make our day-to-day existence possible, I daresay, without communication, we seize to exist.

It is one important component of our daily human experience. As I pound on my keyboard to produce the previous sentence, I recall the input of our teacher in Fundamental Theology–all human experience is a religious experience.

It is here that we are able to encounter God and His vestiges. This encounter itself is a beautiful ingredient for theologizing.

The introduction section of a text does one important job: it functions as a window to the text. It provides a sneak preview which reveal the features of what is inside. However, let this introduction carry out another function–

A disclaimer.

This theological synthesis does not, and perhaps, even better, cannot, represent what I have learnt over the past four years of my encounter with the Divine Master through the instrumentation of the Divine Science. The ink emblazoned over the forty or so pages of this manuscript is at best, an approximation.

Here is my theological synthesis: Theology of Communication


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