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The #changeiscoming became one of the hottest trending items in Twitter on June 30, with the inauguration of Rodrigo Duterte.

Heraclitus, one of the philosophers of the Greek antiquity, was convinced that the only constant thing in the world is change.

But there seems to be a controversy in today’s Gospel (Luke 5:33-39). Apparently, not everyone is happy with change—some are obviously resisting it.

We heard that some people went to Jesus to tell Him that they observed the disciples
of John the Baptist, and even of the pharisees—fast often, but the disciples of Jesus does not.

To answer this question, Jesus proposes a double analogy of the new cloth and new skins which refers to the newness of the Gospel. In the time of Jesus, they did not store wine in bottles. They used containers made of animal skin instead, which is more portable.

However, wine skins had to be treated with care, since the leather became worn over time and could easily break, especially if filled with new wine.

Jesus is the new wine. His teachings are revolutionary at that time—and even up to now! Let’s have a quick review of His teachings: Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, do not judge, and if you want to become a leader, learn to serve!

In the first reading (1 Corinthians 4:1-5), we heard from the letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians a reminder to heed these teachings. We are challenged to become visual aids of the love of God by becoming servants of Jesus.

‘Yun bang hindi mo na kailangang buksan ang bibig mo para madinig nila sa iyo ang pangalan ni Kristo. Pero sa pamamagitan ng iyong halimbawa, nakikilala nila ang galaw ng Diyos sa buhay mo.

Our dear grade 10 students, you are on this stage of your life in which change is very much felt. Some of you now are the leaders of the clubs, not only a few are given heavier responsibilities. At the end of the school year, you will feel it more because you will realize that some of the members of your batch will have to look for other schools where they will continue their schooling.

I pray that you will have an ever open attitude for change. People acknowledge that one great trait of Bosconians is their flexibility—in sports, in technical matters, even in winning the attention of the girls. But I hope that this flexibility is extended to the realm of your soul so that you could welcome Christ there. So that He could create wonders in you and through you.

In this first Friday of the new month, as we honor the Most Sacred Hart of Jesus, and as we continue with our Eucharist, let us beg the Lord to grant us a greater love for Him so that we could become true Bosconians in the mind of St. John Bosco: good Christians, upright citizens.



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