My Gratitude Jar

*Removes layer upon layer of cobwebs*

Happy New Year of 2018! 

I know. 

It has been a while since I last put up something here. I really hope that with this brand new year ushered in, I’ll be able to find the time, inspiration, and more importantly, the conviction to regularly conjure more blog posts. 

Not that the regular followers of this blog, (Hi, Br. Jomar! Hi, Pao!) nag me to scribble a decent piece just like before, but because I am feeling the urge to write. 

And so, here it is, drum rolls please 🥁, my first entry for the year!

I’d like to begin this year something on gratitude

These pages of my 2018 giving journal (thank you, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) caught my fancy earlier and pushed me to come up with a personal project so that I could track my blessings, so that in return, I could become a blessing myself to others. 

But wait, here’s more…

In one of his weekly conferences, Fr Henry, my then rector in the theologate, emphasized how gratitude wonderfully leads us, not just to appreciate a person who has done us good, but more importantly, gratitude gives us the opportunity to be humble, upon realizing that we can still manage to receive, even if we may already have everything


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