John 20:1-2

“I have seen the Lord!”

St. Mary Magdalene
22 July 2015
John 20:1-2, 11-10


Today, we commemorate St. Mary Magdalene.

She is identified as one of the women who accompanied Jesus. She holds the distinction of being at the foot of the cross where Christ was hung, dying, (Mt 27:56; Mk 15:40; Jn 19:25) who witnessed Christ’s burial in the tomb (Mt 27:61; Mk 15:47) and remarkably, she was one of the first recorded eyewitnesses of Christ’s Resurrection (Mt 28:1–10; Mk 16:1–8; Lk 24:10).

In today’s Gospel, Christ’s resurrection transformed her from someone who was once desperately weeping into someone who has been ecstatic upon seeing the Lord.

In her, we can see in its most concrete form, the joy of someone who bears and announces the Gospel.

She who was charged to pass on the message that Christ is risen didn’t merely become a vessel of the message; the very message that Jesus is alive has changed her—forever!

We who profess the same faith in the resurrected Jesus are invited to do the same.

May the message which we have been charged to announce to others ought to touch and transform us first.